2016 Spark Walk Creators

3D Printed Figurines

Creator: Bryce Pfanenstiel

Company: Staramba USA
Jacksonville, FL
Project: 3D printing comes to life with 72 DLSR cameras calibrated to instantly capture 360-degree pictures. The best 3D printed full color figurines from Berlin, Germany, looking to establish a USA headquarters in downtown Jacksonville.


AdsMoi: Alternative to Traditional Fundrasing

Creator: Alvin Kennedy

Company: AdsMoi
Jacksonville, FL
Project: Adsmoi presents a platform that gives individuals and organizations the freedom to use the revenue generating power of shoppers rewards (affiliate sales) to be applied to help fund a variety of causes.


Argowbot Trays
(Hydroponic Farming) 

Creator: Jonathan Moore

Company: Agrowbot Trays
Jacksonville, FL
Project: Agrowbot Trays designed a new type of Hydroponic Tray that allows “leafy greens” to be grown in any kind of location and condition.

All Access Health

Creator: Dante Hall

Company: All Access Health
Jacksonville, FL
Project: All Access Health has created an IoT platform for easy access to Medical Informatics on all levels from personal to regional andexpanded via MU Interoperability to include population and world health.

Alliance for Regenerative Medicine in Microgravity (ARMM)

Creator: Lawrence Harvey

Company: Center for Applied Space Technology  
Orange Park, FL
Project: Alliance for Regenerative Medicine in Microgravity supports space research to characterize the behavior of adult stem cells in microgravity with an object of commercialization of the research hardware, processes, and results.



Creator: Nicole Miller and Missy McCranie

Company: Alzwear
Jacksonville, FL
Project: Alzwear customized embroidered clothing is designed to initiate conversations with Alzheimer’s patients using Reminiscence Therapy.  A shirt saying, “I’m Bill from Atlanta.  I love hiking, carpentry and served in WWII” provides cues to promote comforting interactions with the patient.


Apps Studio 

Creator: Pandurang Yachwad

Company: 123 Apps Studio
Jacksonville, FL
Project:  123 Apps studio is Mobile App development platform for small businesses starting at $25 per month. Restaurants / Cafes can create mobile app for them as easy as 1..2..3 steps.


Beauty For Freedom

Creator: Kristy Alexander

Company: Apple Rose Beauty
Jacksonville, FL
Project: The Apple Rose Beauty for Freedom initiative is focused on growing our organic skincare social enterprise and employing at least two trafficking survivors full-time in 2016 in customer service, sales and marketing.


Bedder Covers 

Creator: Michael DelCharco

Company: Too Blue Industries
Jacksonville, FL
Project:  Bedder Covers are one-time use truck bed cover that acts like plastic wrap for the back of your truck.


Build Downtown

Creator: Matthew David

Company: Build Downtown, LLC
Jacksonville, FL
Project:  Build downtown wants to create a site not only better market for city-owned properties but to showcase community 3D models of what types of buildings could occupy these spaces.


Creator: Melody Taylor

Company: Champaint777, LLC
Jacksonville, FL
Project: Champaint777 is a mobile art business located in Jacksonville, FL serving the community by providing creative education and social bonding with a focus of women, children and families.


Clinical Simulation Education Devices

Creator: Elizabeth Benson

Company:  B & G Educational Innovations
 LaPlata, MD
Project:  Clinical Simulation Education Devices are cost-effective, reusable simulated body parts with interactive areas and monitoring devices to train clinical hands-on skills routinely performed on patients.


Cloop XL

Creator: Raul Vecchione

Company: Cloop, LLC
Jacksonville, FL
Project:  Cloop XL is a patent pending magnetic cable keeper, which helps keep large cables organized.



Creator: Curtis Ceballos

Company: GabRy, Inc.
Palm Coast, FL
Project: Digitz is the first and only 72-point, securely randomized fingerprint/ thumbprint purchasing e-commerce, POS program.

DIY Auto Hobby Shop

Creator: Anthony Knighton

Company:  DIY Auto Hobby Shop, LLC
 Jacksonville, FL
Project:  DIY Auto Hobby Shop will provide a car, truck and motorcycle repair facility will rent the tools, equipment and space to help you complete the work at a fraction of the cost.



Creator: Oliver Brown

Company: Donasity Inc.
Jacksonville, FL
Project:  Donasity is a secure cloud-based bilingual portal dedicated to making the process of donating to charities simpler for everyone and provides the ability for non-profit organizations and individuals to create fundraising campaigns for specific causes.


Double Doggie

Creators: Cody Vincent and Josh Kenning

Company: Viken Products, LLC.
Orange Park, FL
Project: Double Doggie is a handle for walking two dogs at once that eliminates tangle and allows you to only need one hand.


Dream Realty Artificial Intelligence Real Estate Search

Creator: Sheldon Goldberg

Company:  Dream Realty
 Jacksonville, FL
Project:  Dream Realty Artificial Intelligence Real Estate Search is a natural language real estate search engine where customers type or use microphone to state dream home criteria.


Earthscapes Recycled Granite Manufacturing Facility Expansion

Creator: Michael Serig

Company: Earthscapes Design Build 
Jacksonville, FL
Project: Earthscapes restores granite that would be otherwise be discarded and converts it into one-of-a-kind pavers and tiles.


Electric Bicycles for Jacksonville

Creator: Charlie Fetzer

Company: LakeShore Bicycles 
Jacksonville, FL
Project:  LakeShore Bicycles is an innovative shop that produces custom electric bicycles and tricycles.


Fantasy Crowd

Creators: Luis Lugo and Miguel Lugo

Company: Passion Project Studios
 Fantasy Crowd
Jacksonville, FL
Project: Fantasy Crowd is a messenger app that is inspired by dialog text boxes in video games. The user will have a set of avatars to choose from, each with their own set of emotions.


Ferox Urbs

Creator: Fletcher Stark

Company:  Artifex Hardscaping and Stonecraft
 Jacksonville, FL
Project:  Ferox Urbs’ goal is to create a large public water feature at a local park or open area for the city and public to enjoy.



Creator: Chuck Ward

Company: Forgotten Fruit, Inc.
Jacksonville, FL
Project: Forgotten Fruit is a produce recovery effort that collects fruit donations from homeowners and delivers them free of charge to the underprivileged and hungry.


Support our crowdfund at www.generosity.com

Gyo Greens

Creator: Helga Tan Fellows 

Company: Gyo Greens
Ponte Vedra, FL
Project:  Gyo Greens uses a sustainable farming method called Aquaponics, which combines traditional aquaculture with hydroponics in a symbiotic environment. All produce is grown naturally and without the use of pesticides.


Home Grown

Creator: Bethany Sutherland

Company:  Home Grown
 Jacksonville, FL
Project: Home Grown is designing and building an aquaponic system to provide fresh organic options to the local restaurants, bars, and backyard chicken owners from a backyard urban farm in San Marco.

Ingot LLC

Creators: Christie Chirinos, Josh Pollock, and Andy Larreategui

Company: Ingot, LLC.
Tallahassee, FL
Project:  Ingot, The Automatic A/B Tester, is an automation tool for improving websites by making them more user-friendly and adaptable.



Creator: Victor Toribio

Company: Jacksonville Science Festival
Jacksonville, FL
Project: The Jacksonville Science initiative invites cultural, civic, public and private events in Jacksonville and surrounding areas to “Just Add Science” to any event in order to increase STEAMScience, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math awareness and appreciation.


Kash Kids

Creator: Twyla Prindle-Ivey

Company: Us and Our Children
Jacksonville, FL
Project: The Kash Kids program goal is to work with students and their parents about money.  K-2 Sessions focus on cash flow and debt via songs, dances, and skits.  Grades 1-3 participate in our Money Book Battle in which kids read books about money and work on math skills associated with the book.  Grades 3-12 earn real money and start businesses.  Grade 9-12 compete in “Passion for Pay” and “Cars and Credit” programs.


L337 Bar

Creator: Cole Pelzer and Matt Vernon

Company: L337 Bar
Jacksonville, FL
Project:  Think of us as the premier nerdy oasis in Northeast Florida. While still in the works, we’ll be a buzzing cantina that serves handcrafted drinks and all your standards. Pair your poison of choice with something from our vast collection of games. From vintage arcade selections, classic & modern console, and tabletop gaming.

Stay tuned. We’re coming for ya, JAX!


LST Tops

Creator: Joe Davis

Company:  LST Tops 
 Jacksonville, FL
Project: LST Tops is a resistance system that trains plants in an outward fashion and promotes new inner growth to produce bigger branches, wider canopies and more tops.


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Mag Moto  

Creator: Richard Patrone

Company: Mag Moto
Middleburg, FL
Project:  Mag Moto is an all-in-one Magnetic Stereo System designed to give Motorcycle riders full stereo capabilities plus full us use of Bluetooth.


Creator: Germain Ekamby

Company: Mangoboat
Alpharetta, GA
Project: Mangobeat is a beautiful speaker that can amplify the sound of any phone without any source of energy base on wood and leather.



Creator: Gil Dror

Company:  Modasten 
 Jacksonville Beach, FL
Project: Modasten uses recycled and abused skateboards and turns them into high-quality polarized sunglasses.



Creator: Sandra Dawson

Fernandina Beach, FL
Project: MOOI DESIGNS is an apparel line printed with the artwork of children worldwide.  It is used to help promote art education as well as entrepreneurship.


Support our crowdfund at www.indiegogo.com

People’s Food Co-op

Creator: John Leacock

Company:  People’s Food Co-op
 Jacksonville Beach, FL
Project: People’s Food Co-op is an effort to bring healthy food and bulk items to the shelves at very affordable prices by creating a cooperative where shoppers are members.  Co-op modeled after Madison, WI co-ops.

Personal Portable Tables

Creator: Cynthia Rainge

Company: Heavenly Inspired 
Jacksonville, FL
Project: Personal Portable Tables turns colored PVC pipe or pluming grade PVC pipe into portable tables.


Creator: Clayyin Richards 

Company: Legacy Sports Gear, Inc.
Jacksonville, FL
Project: The Ponch-O-Pillow is a deluxe stadium seat cushion with an enclosed poncho.  It is a great advertising tool, fundraising aide, and luxurious product for the sports enthusiast.



Creator: Doug Glenn

Company:  PopUpConnect.com
 Jacksonville Beach, FL
Project: Connect the owners of vacant storefronts and open spaces with the creators, startups, artists, and brands that can use the open retail space and “pop-up” using a curated online booking system.


Prescribe Exercise

Creator: Anthony Duran

Company: 904Fitness
Jacksonville, FL
Project: Prescribe Exercises is a digital way to provide exercises to clients. The Exercise is Medicine initiative aims to have physical activity recorded as a vital sign during patient visits and to encourage able patients to meet the physical activity guidelines. The goal is that inactive patients should be given exercise counseling or an exercise prescription to either a health or fitness professional or program.

Ratchet Jacket

Creator: Richard Phelan

Company:  Rachet Jacket
 Tallahassee, FL
Project: Ratchet Jacket is a “patent pending” system used to protect whatever it is you are transporting such as a car, boat, jet ski, motorcycle, furniture, building supplies, etc. Anything that has a finished or painted surface that could either wear off or become scratched, but Ratchet Jacket aims to solve this problem


Recycling Cards Project – Papa Cartao

Creator: Estela de Paula

Company: Rs de Paula Inc.
Jacksonville, FL
Project: Recycling Cards Project recycles expired and non-useful plastic cards and turns them into useful products.


Reviticell Kits

Creator: Greg Bendis

Company:  Reviticell Holdings, Inc
 Jacksonville, FL
Project: Reviticell is an innovative company developing medical kits that optimize and standardize regenerative medical procedures so that patient risk and doctor liability can be minimized and costs can be reduced.


Scent-A-Mental Notes

Creator: Bridgette Hogan

Company: Soulflower, LLC 
Jacksonville, FL
Project: We make scented greeting cards using recycled paper.  Essential oils are used based on their ability to bring healing and sentimental emotions.

Sea to Sea Turmeric Tea

Creator: Johnathan Fletcher

Company: Sea to Sea Turmeric Tea
Jacksonville, FL
Project: Sea to Sea Turmeric Tea provides healthy and refreshing teas with some of nature’s most powerful antioxidants.

Shngli- Mobile/Web-Application

Creator: Jean Fils

Company:  Shngli
 Miami, FL
Project: Shngli, a mobile /web-based application, that all entrepreneurs, startups, small business owners & some high-profile individuals will soon be able use to find & hire CPA’s, CFO’s and accounting tasks on-demand in seconds.


SIAD Nanophotonic Water Purification

Creator: Robert Duthie

Company: Synergena International, Inc.
Ocala, FL
Project: SIAD Nanophotonic Water Purification is a technology transfer start-up utilizing a patented nanophotonic (SIAD) sterilization/purification medical process and research for environmental devices.


Slouchy Beanies: Beanies that Make a Statement

Creator: Amanda Massingill

Company: Mandi’s Makings 
Yulee, FL
Project: Slouchy beanies that make a statement, providing an opportunity for self-expression while allowing us to send beanies to survivors of trafficking and those still being trafficked.  Beanies are handmade and each badge is created from a recycled t-shirt.


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Sprag Clutch Freehub

Creators:  Marcus Polito, Ryan Rillstone, and Ryan Miller

Company:  Covert Clutches
 Jacksonville, FL
Project: Sprag Clutch Freehub produces a silently operating freehub for bicycle drivetrains currently available on the market that will improve overall drivetrain efficiency and rider-to-bike torque engagement.

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Stand Perfect

Creator: Chad Jasmine

Company: Stand Perfect, Inc.
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Project: Stand Perfect is a revolutionary sports stance trainer perfect for Baseball, Golf, Football, Target Sports, and Much Much More!


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Tarzan Group

Creators: Julia and Wayne Nelson

Company: Julia Salon 
Jacksonville, FL
Project: Tarzan Group designed a safety hat to help prevent the death for drivers from falling asleep at the wheel.


Creator:  Greg Dyer

Company:  TenantTag
 Jacksonville, FL
Project: TenantTag aims to be the leading provider of mobile management and communication solutions for the independent landlord market. This solution includes ways for tenants to pay rent, make maintenance requests and ask their landlord questions.

The Lock Watch

Creators: Keith and Tanya Cole

Company: Cole’s Creative Creations, Inc.
Jacksonville, FL
Project: The Lock Watch provides patients who take regular medication to be reminded when it is time to take a dose.

The Orange Barrels

Creator:  Darren Patterson

Company:  Orange Barrels, LLC.
 Atlanta, GA
Project: Orange Barrels is an educational and entertaining children’s series about a family of orange construction barrels that travel from state to state.


The Sweet Spot

Creator: Michelle McInnis

Company: Sweet Spot Urban Lounge
Jacksonville, FL
Project: We are looking to provide Sweet Treats and Sweet Music to a family entertainment desert on the Northside of Jacksonville, while providing employment to an underutilized population of the community.


Support our crowdfund at www.gofundme.com

The Urban Apple Market

Creators: Jakumi and Ariane Randolph

Company: The Urban Apple
Jacksonville, FL
Project: The Urban Apple Natural Market is a grocery and lifestyle market in a shipping container.   Pop-up, on demand, natural market, to help eradicate food deserts.

TopXNotes 2.0

Creator:  James Lee

Company:  Tropical Software, Inc.
 Atlantic Beach, FL
Project: TopXNotes2.0 will bring a unique hybrid note organizer and security app to a new level of technology and safety.


Support our crowdfund at www.kickstarter.com

Toroid Turbines

Creator: Jose Morales

Company: Toroid Turbine
Sunrise, FL
Project: Toroid Turbines is a uniquely designed turbine electrical generator, which allows for more efficient energy generation than existing windmills.

Unhidden Face Masks

Creator: Jeffery Secure and Julian Bungubung

Company: Unhidden Face Masks
Jacksonville, FL
Project: Unhidden Face Masks wants to create masks where patients and employees can see facial expressions and read lips in order to better communicate with each other.


Creator:  Michael Wooley

Company:  VESTPAKZ
 Live Oak, FL
Project: Vestpak is a more comfortable, convenient and stylish bag that helps distribute weight better than a traditional backpack.


Creator: Liz Pierce

Company: ViaClarus
Jacksonville, FL
Project: ViaClarus is a platform for goal achievement utilizing personality insights, customized proactive support, and habit replacement supported by behavioral science, artificial intelligence and cloud technologies.

Visionary Coffee

Creator: Brandon Wesley

Company: Visionary Coffee
Tallahassee, FL
Project: Visionary Coffee delivers nitrogenized cold brew coffee through tricycles to consumers and kegerator refrigerators to businesses and retailers.

Waffle Foods

Creator:  Andrea Koralweski

Company:  Magnolia’s Pub
Project: Magnolia’s will offer a unique dining experience with the food focusing on freshly baked waffles, healthy options, vegan, vegetarian and Gluten free options.



Creator: Blake Stockton

Company: GBF Sports, LLC.
Jacksonville, FL
Project: Youth-Basketball-Camps.com connects parents and players to over 5,000 basketball camps around the world. They will make camp reviews more visible to help parents make a better decision when signing up for a basketball camp.