The world’s largest 1dea fest. Reimagined.

New venue. New ideas. New Experience. New One Spark.

Daily’s Place Amphitheater and EverBank Plaza are being transformed into an idea-fueled metropolis, where you’ll find new ways to experience this game-changing year at One Spark.

Welcome to 1dea City.

Big doesn’t begin to describe it.

One Spark 2018 is more than a festival—it’s a city of innovation where all different types of entrepreneurs, businesses, communities come together and share ideas. And this April, you’ll find new ways to experience this game-changing year at One Spark.


This year, a ticket to One Spark gets you access to 1dea City, where you’ll find:

  • 150+ Creators & Entrepreneurs
  • 5 Spark* Zones
  • 5 New Experiential Idea Zones
  • Newest Innovations
  • Food Trucks
  • Live Music
  • Gadgets
  • Family/kids Zones
  • Craft Beer
  • Local Food
  • Spark Tank Competition
  • Local Culture
  • Arts
  • Vip Areas
  • Experiential Zones
  • The One Lounge
  • The Board Room
  • Game-changing Products
  • Latest Technology From Big Brands
  • Interactive Games
  • Live Voting
  • State-of-art Amphitheater
  • Learning Areas
  • More

5 Creators Spark*Zones

Each zone will feature Creators who will showcase their businesses, projects and ideas to get your feedback, seek funding, and to build a community around their projects.

  • MindSpark*

    MindSpark* focuses on innovations in education including technology, apps, services, books, and resources that help learning, growing and intellectual development.

  • TechSpark*

    TechSpark* showcases advances in technology—from technical solutions, businesses and gadgets to emerging categories like AR and robotics.

  • HealthSpark*

    HealthSpark* features ideas and services leading to advancements in healthcare, medical devices, nutrition, fitness and wellness industries.

  • LifeSpark*

    LifeSpark* features innovative products and services in consumer, retail, home, arts, music, film, fashion, and inventions we use everyday.

  • WorldSpark*

    WorldSpark* encompasses global causes, services, tools, initiatives, and anything that leads to the greater good of the community.

5 Experiential Idea Zones

These experiential zones are built for interactivity and fun. Each will offer a wide range of demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on experiences.

  • The Innovation Zone is an experiential area for guests to interact with the latest products and innovations from game-changing brands.
  • The Learning Zone is an educational area designed for on-site workshops, training + idea sharing.
  • The Family Zone is an area designed to engage the next generation through interactive games and hands-on experiences.
  • The Local Zone is an area inspired by Downtown Jax, Hemming Park and The Elbow, celebrating local culture from the 904.
  • VIP Zones like The One Lounge and The Board Room will deliver an exclusive guest experience through craft food, drinks, and music.

One Spark After Dark

Your ticket gives you exclusive access to One Spark After Dark. Take your One Spark experience to the maximum as you transition from day to night with the After Dark event, where you’ll find live music and a multitude of options for food and beverage.

The Spark Exchange

Voting has returned to One Spark.

Attendees can choose the Creator of the Year by voting for the Creator projects that stand out most at the Idea Fest. See the leaders in each zone in real-time and help decide the winner at the closing ceremony.