The Change-the-World-Overnight Fest.

April 6-7, One Spark is back and taking over Daily’s Place Amphitheater at EverBank Field, and we want next-level ideas there to make it happen.

Calling all creators.

At One Spark, every entrepreneur, inventor, creative thinker, and innovator who wants to showcase their ideas and inspire the world is a Creator. They are the foundation of the world’s largest idea festival—the sparks that ignite the future. The public looks to Creators for “the next big thing,” the newest ways to solve the world’s issues, and to discover undiscovered talent.

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Why participate at One Spark?

Creators participate to meet other visionaries, crowdfund to raise seed capital, get direct feedback from the public and build a community around their ideas. You can also benefit as a One Spark Creator in these ways:

  • FIELD TESTING. A platform to showcase and test your project, idea or business to over 40,000 attendees from across the US.
  • CROWDFUNDING. To date, One Spark has helped Creators receive over $250,000 in direct contributions during our events.
  • MAKE CONNECTIONS. Exposure to leaders in your field and offering a platform to meet investors is how One Spark began and we stay true to that goal today.
  • VENTURE CAPITAL. Independent investors have pumped millions of dollars into Creators projects after hearing their pitches at One Spark.
  • COMPETITION. This year, One Spark has two competitions for Creators to compete in: the Spark Tank Competition and the People’s Choice Awards. Each offers an opportunity to showcase your ideas and compete for prize money, specialized services from sponsors, and of course, fame and glory.
  • LOTS OF FUN. Board rooms and conference calls are a blast and all, but One Spark is unique opportunity to have some fun while taking your project to the next level.


“We went in to One Spark 2014 with the goal of raising $250,000…and we were actually able to raise the funds.”

—Snap Foods, One Spark Creator


Details before you get started

Becoming a One Spark Creator is a big opportunity, and we want to make sure you’re 100% prepared for it. Here’s some details to help you make sure your project or business is ready for the spotlight:

  • Applications

    The application is free and open to the public. We’ll review every Creator application with a team of experts to make sure the brightest minds are represented at One Spark. If your project is chosen, there’s a registration fee of $125.00 to secure your space and utilities at the festival.

  • Dates + Times

    The One Spark Idea Fest is a two-day event based in Jacksonville, Florida taking place on April 6-7th from 12 – 8 p.m. We expect Creators to be present for the entire festival, or send representatives to showcase ideas to the public for the duration of the festival.

  • Event Space

    Each Creator will get a 10ft x 10ft exhibition space within the footprint of the festival at Daily’s Place Amphitheater at EverBank Field, which includes power, a table and two chairs. An optional list of items (more power, more tables, etc.) will be sent prior to the event to make sure you have everything you need to showcase your project properly.

  • Voting

    Voting has returned to One Spark and will help determine the winner of the Peoples’ Choice Awards, where the Creator of the Year will win a cash award and services provided by sponsors. Aggregate votes will be counted but, overall, votes will not determine or guarantee any funding.

  • Funding Potential

    Funding, investment and donations are not guaranteed. Select Creators will be invited to participate in the Spark Tank competition, where you can compete for $25,000 in funding. The Spark Tank Competition is a separate competition from the Peoples’ Choice Awards, which is scored by our public voting system.

  • Planning a show?

    Street teams, demonstrations, installations and over-the-top displays are encouraged and can be accommodated. Each request will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

  • Other Events

    At this time, we’re not requiring Creators to attend any pre-festival meetings or orientations before April 6th. But if we have them, we would love for you to be there!



Find your Spark Zone

This year we have five unique Spark Zones to help interested entrepreneurs and the public differentiate Creators within specific sectors. See where your project fits:


MindSpark* focuses on innovations in education including technology, apps, services, books, and resources that help learning, growing and intellectual development.


TechSpark* showcases advances in technology—from technical solutions, businesses and gadgets to emerging categories like AR and robotics.


LifeSpark* features innovative products and services in consumer, retail, home, arts, music, film, fashion, and inventions we use everyday.


HealthSpark* is being sponsored by Guidewell Innovation, and seeks applicants who have developed innovative solutions for “Aging Well” and features ideas and services leading to advancements in healthcare, medical devices, nutrition, fitness and wellness industries.


WorldSpark* encompasses global causes, services, tools, initiatives, and anything that leads to the greater good of the community.


Compete in the Spark Tank

This year Creators get the chance to compete and pitch directly to VCs and industry leaders in the Spark Tank Competition. Creators from each Spark Zone will be evaluated and invited to present their product, invention, business or idea to a panel of experts and judges. The One Spark team will then help each Creator hone their presentation and prepare for the competition—then it’s showtime.

Top teams will present to a panel of judges who will score each project and provide feedback and mentorship. The highest scoring Creator team from each Spark Zone will be awarded $5,000 and invited to compete head-to-head with the other four finalists. The ‘Spark Tank Champion’ in the final round will win an additional $20,000 in funding. The overall winner will take home $25,000 in funding to help take their project to the next level.


Become a Volunteer.

Be a Part of the 1dea Movement.

We are committed to being the initial spark that fuels invention and innovation while also harnessing the support of the Jacksonville community to build a brighter future. One Spark Festival volunteers are enthusiastic and ensure that Creators and event attendees are well attended to.

Volunteers will assist in many aspects of the festival, must be 18+ years of age and available to commit a minimum of 4 hours in person on, before, or during event days. All volunteers are required to attend mandatory training on Tuesday, April 3rd prior to the event.


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